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Persons which are more than fourty years old and having at least one skydive, are welcome to join the SWISS POPS organization. As a skydive is accepted any jump out of an airplane with static line, AFF, free fall or Tandem. Membership at SWISS POPS is constituted such as “Active Membership” and “Patronizing Membership”.

Duties of a Member
Members are obliged to the sport of skydiving supporting any activity to increase security of skydiving. Members are engaged in building friendship across the organization as well with new recruits.
The annual fee is at least CHF 20.-, higher contribution up to CHF 100.- is welcome. Persons with an active membership are automatically member of the Swiss Parachute Organization (AeCS) as well. The annual fee of the membership to AeCS is normally paid by the home club of a member with Swiss citizenship.

Rights and Duties of a Member
Patronizing members are not obliged to pay the annual fee for membership to the AeCS. Therefore they have not a voting right at the general assembly of SWISS POPS. This is the only exclusion of all benefits as a member of SWISS POPS. Members can take benefit of all POPS acitivities such as POPS events in Switzerland or foreign countries as well information about activities on a regular base.

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