5th - 13th of August at Eisenach (Germany)
organised by: World POPS Meet 2016 Skydive Dädalus

Please use the event-site for for further details and registration

Swiss citizens only: send a copy to Peter Schmid


mini Swiss POPS-Meet 2016
August 27th in Tschugg / BE
organised by: Walkringen @ Piranhas Piranhas

mini-program: Hit'n Rock and general meeting.



Swiss POPS-Meet 2015
new date and location:
September 5th + 6th at the DZ of Ecuvillens / FR

organised by:
Para Club Fribourg Para Club Fribourg

Program: Scramble-4, Accuracy, Hit'n Rock

For Dokuments, please visit our german or french pages.
If you like to join this event as an international participient,
please contact Peter: schmid.biel(at)



14. - 22.11.2014 in San Juan City / Argentinien
(31°30' S, 68°30' W)

Results: they are posted on the official WorldPOPS site...


mini Swiss POPS-Meet 2014
August 16th at Tschugg / BE
organised by: Walkringen @ Piranhas Piranhas

Results: Hit'n Rock 
Picture: the medaillists



New date:
Swiss POPS-Meet 2013

October 5th & 6th 2013 at Kägiswil / OW

organised by: FG Titlis FG Titlis

Due to bad weather conditions: general meetig only.



from June 29th to July 7th 2012 at Teuge / NL

organised by: POPS Holland POPS of the Netherlands
Results: on or...
RW4.National - RW4.Scramble -  RW7.Speed-Star - Accuracy.Classic - Hit'n Rock - Sports Accuracy


mini Swiss POPS MEET 2012
16th June 2012 at Triengen / LU
organised by: Logo PSC TriengenPSC Triengen
Results: Hit'n Rock  
Picture: the medaillists



Swiss POPS MEET 2011
4th + 5th June 2011 at Grenchen
organised by: Skydive Grenchen Skydive Grenchen
Program: Hit'n Rock - Scramble - Accuracy



Swiss POPS-Meet 2010
New date: 17th to 20th September 2010 at Bex / VD
(Bex ist located between Montreux and Martigny)
organised by: Flying Devil Flying Devil
Results: Hit'n Rock - Scramble - Accuracy


World POPS-Meet 2010
4th to 12th June at Reggio Emilia / Italy
World POPS Meet 2010
 Pictures: opening ceremony - parachuting activity

Results: on or ...
RW4.National - RW4.National.POPS - RW4.National.SOS
RW4.Scramble - RW8.Speed-Star - CRW
Accuracy.Classic - Accuracy.Sport - Hit'n Rock



Swiss POPS-Meet 2009
22th & 23th August at Kägiswil

organised by: FG Titlis FG Titlis

Results: Hit'n Rock - Scramble - SpeedStar - Accuracy
Pictures (Link removed for safety reason)



Swiss POPS-Meet 2008
12th & 13th July at Ecuvillens
organised by:
Para Club Fribourg Para Club Fribourg

Results: Hit'n Rock & Accuracy


World POPS Meet 2008
April 25th to May 4th at Toogoolawah / Australia
POPS Australia
POPS Downunder



SWISS POPS Meet 2007
18th & 19th August 2007 at Para-Centro
Paracentro Locarno
Results: Hit'n Rock, Scramble & Accuracy



Swiss POPS-Meet 2006
2. + 3. September at Speck/Feraltdorf
Skydive Zürich
Results and pictures)



Swiss POPS-Meet 2005
6. + 7. August at Walkringen

Walkringen @ Piranhas
and photos


World POPS Meet 2004
July 31th to August 8th at Gruyère / Switzerland
World POPS Meet 2004, Gruyère
Results and photos of the 7th World POPS Meet


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