and the Gruyère region; a country full of traditions, the country of cheese, chocolate and cows.

However, Switzerland not only consists of these clichés: Switzerland is also a country of techno-logy, the cradle of the Red Cross and domicile to many international institutions. A multiplicity of sportive and cultural events on a high level take regularly place. During your trips through the countryside and through the air you will discover lovely landscapes and beautiful sights. Last but not least, among friends you will enjoy our different regional delicacies as well as appreciate our excellent red and white wines.

is a place of hospitability. The team that arranges this event will spare no effort to ensure, that this week will remain a memorable remembrance for a long time. The steering committee is looking forward to welcome you and wishes you a pleasant stay among us.

Théo Fritschy

A special Thanks to our main sponsors


12. Aug. 2004
The video of the last three jumps of the POPS World Meet 2004
9. Aug. 2004
Last pictures of the Hit'n Rock and the closing ceremony
7. Aug. 2004
First Results and pictures of the Hit'n Rock
6. Aug. 2004
Results of RW 4 national
5. Aug. 2004
Results of the Accuracy
5. Aug. 2004
Daily Video
4. Aug. 2004
Results of the RW 4 "scramble"
3. Aug. 2004
Pictures of the opening ceremony and the entertaining day to St Stephan
7. July 2004
Since Sept. 11th, the FAA is very "humourless". So, they forbiden to use the Super Connie (which is "N" registred) for para dropping. That's why we should cancel the jump plan Aug. 6th. Of course, the money charged on you CC would stay in your jump account and could be used during the meet for paying your other jumps.
30. June 2004
Airfield's Plan
17. May 2004
URGENT ! - Inscription for the Super-Constellation's jump (Form)
13. May 2004
For various reasons, Noratlas's jump is abandoned and price of the Superconstellation's jump fixed.
08. March 2004
The Inscription form is available
23. Feb. 2004
Our official partner "Europcar" offers special prices for car hiring, from every rental location in Switzerland
04. Feb. 2004
Program of the Entertaining day to St Stephan
27. Jan. 2004
New accomodation: camping on airfield and "Institut la Gruyère"
26. Jan. 2004
Registration fee and new jump prices thanks to our sponsor Breitling
17. Dec. 2003
Reportage sur les 5e Championnats du monde et boogie POPS du 18 au 26 septembre 1999 à Chilliwack BC, près de Vancouver au Canada (pdf 316 Kb)
17. Dec. 2003
Safety Rules
29. Oct. 2003
German version of this site
24. Oct. 2003
French version of this site
23. Oct. 2003
30. Sept. 2003
The pre-inscription form is available
22. Sept. 2003
How travelling to Gruyères
18. Sept. 2003
Accomodation: special offer
17. Sept. 2003
Program of the 7th World POPS Parachuting Championship 2004